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I didn’t realize how much slang I use until I started writing blog posts and started receiving messages with people questioning words or expressions I used. Hoe tips is probably going to be another one that confuses some people. So let me explain right away what hoe tips implies.

Hoe tips was a trend, on Pinterest mostly, where young women posted intimate tips for self empowered women. There was also the term baddie tips, which were pretty similar in nature. Basically it’s women giving women advice. None of my tips are women specific though; any gender can benefit.

The following tips are intended to improve your safety, increase convenience, and/or save you some money. Ok let’s go!

Keep Your WAP Healthy with At Home STD Testing

STD testing is a must for anyone sexually active. Even if you’re in a relationship, it’s probably good to get tested yearly because a high percentage of people cheat in relationships. I know, I know, your partner would never cheat, but maybe still get tested for your peace of mind.

I heard about at home STD testing from a feminist podcast years ago. It has been one of my favorite discoveries ever! And it’s a shame because I always felt uncomfortable shouting their praises from the rooftops due to societal stigma of promiscuity or the perceived promiscuity that STD testing implies.

For me, it’s cheaper than paying for a doctor’s visit and getting the lab work. It might be cheaper for you to just go in to Planned Parenthood or see your doctor. Aside from the cost savings, the convenience and discretion is also major.

When I was younger, I was embarrassed to ask for more than one STD test a year, so the discretion of at home testing was appealing, but it can also be super convenient if you’re, I don’t know, a sleepy gurl and don’t want to get in your car and drive into a clinic.

I supplement my yearly gynecology exam STD test with at home testing as needed. I’ve been using MyLAB Box for years and have been happy with them.

You can choose what panel of STD testing you want, order it, test at home, and then send your samples in to get processed by the company. Results are available within a few days. There are testing boxes for any gender.

If you end up having an STD, you can get treatment for it and your pon pon will be so happy you took care of it.

Some STDs have quick easy treatment, and some have more prolonged treatment plans, either way knowledge is power and it’s better to know than let something fester untreated. Rich bitches always handle their business.

At home STD testing is both cost effective and convenient; my two requirements for Sleepy Gurl approved tips.

Save Money on Waxing and Get an Epilator

Save money and time by not needing to get waxed and instead using an epilator at home.

I learned about epilators from the wonderful Jenna Rae. She was the founder of Sugar Financial which she closed to focus on other projects.

Epilators have been around forever but have lost their mainstream marketing. Basically, it looks like an electric razor, but it’s plucking the hairs. It’s pretty painful at first if you don’t get waxed regularly and are new to having hair pulled from its roots. It does get less painful over time as the roots become less established and pluck out easier.

Tips on Using an Epilator:

  1. Epilate at the end of your day before going to bed because the skin can be red for a little while
  2. Exfoliate the skin regularly, it helps the hair pull out easier
  3. Put a gentle lotion on afterward to calm the skin down

If you previously had waxing in your budget and are replacing it with at home epilation, consider putting those cost savings into investments.

Protect Your Primary Number with a Secondary Phone Number

This is another tip I got from Jenna Rae. You don’t need to give your actual phone number to every suitor that approaches you. You can give them a regular looking phone number that goes to an app instead of your main phone number.

I’ve been using Hushed and been decently happy with them. The price is reasonable, and you can add or delete phone numbers easily.

Using a fake phone number is more for safety than convenience or money saving, but still a noteworthy tip to bring up in a hoe tips article. If you’ve been on the dating scene in the last few years, you know it’s hard to completely read a person in a few encounters. Save yourself the hassle of having to block one, two, three, and beyond numbers of romantic interests who won’t move on. With your hushed phone number you can just switch out the number you’re renting and that person won’t be able to keep calling you from new numbers.

Hopefully these tips add value to your life and keep more money in your bank account. Let me know in the comments what other hoe tips you have.


Sleepy Gurl


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