Cut your losses and start out on a new path

Take the loss so you can move on quicker to better things. It’s frustrating and sometimes painful to admit a loss, admit things aren’t going to go the way we wanted them to. We worked so hard and were so sure this was the move we were supposed to make. When that moment comes, when you know you need to take the loss, it’s best to just take it, learn what you can from it, and redirect your energy into something more profitable.

I think that taking the loss is harder than saying it. I think it’s hardest to move on when we think we’re close to a break through. We also consider our past investments in the situation and do not want it to go to waste.

Romantic relationships are one of the more difficult ones for me to cut my losses and move on. People are complex and their feelings can change quickly, so when I invest a lot of time developing a relationship and we have mutual hope for the future, then when feelings change on the other person’s part, I can struggle at first to accept the loss. It’s the investment of time and energy that make it so hard to take the loss. I hate thinking all the relationship development was for nothing. The thing is, sometimes it is for nothing. You’ll always have the experience to learn from, but once you know better, once you know it’s not going to work out, take the loss, regroup, and look for someone who is a better fit for you. No sense continuing to put ANY energy towards someone who doesn’t see you in the role you thought you’d be. Send them love and blessings in all areas of their life and move on.

Romantic relationships are the biggest area that I focus on making sure I accept and take my losses, but your area may be different. Maybe you struggle to take a loss when an investment doesn’t work out. Maybe you bought a rental property that is losing you money each month. Consider if there are areas in your life you would be better off taking the loss, learning from the experience, and redirecting your energy elsewhere.


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