Palm trees greeting me as I get an early start to my $500 weekend goal

So you want to make $500 this weekend? Here’s how to do it.

  1. Start an eBay account. Go through your closet, find stuff you don’t wear or use anymore. Look for name brand items that are in good condition. Take some great photos. The photo should accurately show the item and also subliminally make the impression that you have a clean, rich household. By rich household, I mean, take the photo on a high quality table or some other fancy looking material (think clean leather, marble counter, etc.). List the items on eBay, set them at a reasonable price for an auction, and in a week you’ll have hopefully sold a few items. Sales estimate = $100
  2. Start a Poshmark account. Same as item one. Take great photos and price to sell. Brand name items in good condition seem to sell on Poshmark quicker than on eBay, but Poshmark has higher fees. I list my items on both eBay and Poshmark. Make sure you delete the listing on the site it didn’t sell on once it sells from the other site. Sales estimate = $100
  3. Look into driving for Lyft or Uber. The process for signing up and getting started is quick and easy. I’ve driven for both and the whole experience was easy to get started and there are no commitments to how often or when you need to drive. If you do sign up, consider finding a friend that already has it. Then tell them they can refer you, if they’ll give you some of the bonus they get for referring a driver. Driving for nine hours = $200
  4. Buy stuff at garage sales for cheap and resell them on eBay for more. The key to this is to find the right items. When you’re at the garage sales, look up interesting items on eBay and see how much they’re selling for. Profit estimate = $40
  5. Offer to babysit for one of your friends for an evening. Four hours = $60

Your monetary results are going to be different, but it’s reasonable to expect to get similar amounts with some effort. Try one or all of these ideas and let me know how it goes. And share with us if you have other ideas on how to make extra money on the weekend! Happy hustlin’ 🙂


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