This article isn’t to pathologize low energy. This article isn’t to give you tips or tricks on how to increase your energy. This article is to present a method to be effective with your current energy output.

I don’t necessarily think people should fixate too much on if they’re low energy compared to other people. Energy can be expelled in a variety of ways. Emotions can exhaust us, stress can exhaust us, deep thinking uses an incredible amount of energy, etc. So just because you see other people running around all day, and that seems horribly exhausting to you, doesn’t necessarily mean you have less energy, but maybe you use your energy differently. Or you could just be low energy and that’s ok too.

Regardless, we can be effective with small amounts of energy if we’re strategic with it. There are countless examples of people throughout history who have been strategic with their limited energy and made a huge impact on this world. Sometimes their limited energy was because they died young and sometimes it was because of a disability, either way, their example reminds us that excess energy is not necessary for success.

Four Steps to Build Wealth as a Low Energy Person

Step one: Release any limiting beliefs that your energy level is keeping you from being successful.

The worry that because you’re a low energy person you won’t be successful is taking away precious energy from you. Imagine your life as one vat of energy; someone who is low energy day to day but keeps going, has as much opportunity to create something as someone who is high energy but taps out early.

Step two: Find clarity in the lifestyle you want.

Understanding yourself and what type of lifestyle will satisfy you is key to living the sleepy gurl rich bitch life. When we’re focused on trying to be everything to everyone, we’re going to both, not enjoy our life and struggle to build our wealth.

For example, in my first marriage I was a young bride. I was premed and working full time, so my life was filled to capacity to begin with. I then got married, moved out of my small dorm room into a huge house. I fully embraced all the archaic societal gender expectations. Such as I, as the wife, should take care of the house, food, remembering everyone’s birthdays, decorating, etc. Needless to say, I became overwhelmed, miserable, eventually dropped out of school, and was living a life I didn’t enjoy. I was trying to be everything to everyone and ended up being nothing I wanted to be.

It took many years to let go of society’s expectations and to start to create the lifestyle I was interested in, but once I did, I grew my net worth extensively and started to find satisfaction with who I was as a person.

Find clarity in what you want out of your life and then feel comfortable letting go of the weight of society’s, or your own, expectations.

What can clarity look like? Maybe you’re a homebody who finds satisfaction in taking vacation from work and just hanging around your house for a week. Yes, everyone on social media has travel for at least 35% of their personality, but if dealing with jet lag, flight delays, etc. for a few pics on a different beach doesn’t appeal to you, then save your money and energy and just plop your butt in front of your TV and watch cartoons.

Step three: Incorporate weekly reflection on what is working and what isn’t.

If you followed the first two steps, at this point, you have refuted any limiting beliefs that you can’t be successful because you’re a low energy person and gained clarity of how you want to spend your limited energy. Now it’s time to incorporate the idea of constant improvement. Please note that I didn’t say constant beratement of yourself.

Look at yourself like a system, puzzle, or plant that you’re trying to find the best way to manage. For example, if you saw your houseplant looking a bit wilted, you wouldn’t berate it, you’d think “hmm let me water it”. Then if it’s still wilted you might think “hmm maybe it has root rot, let me replant it in a pot with better drainage”. That’s how I want you to look at yourself and your goals. Be solution oriented and encourage yourself.

When you’re reflecting on your week, write a list of friction in your life or in other words, things that aren’t working out how you want them to. Then come up with solutions to try. Make this a weekly habit and you’ll be amazed how fast you’ll progress.

An example that I recently thought of when looking at how to improve my finances was increasing my tax advantage contributions. I realized that putting $100 into the stock market was a great way to make money without expelling much energy, but if I also put that $100 into a tax advantage account, I can make even more money (by paying less taxes) without expelling any extra energy. Examples of tax advantage accounts are 401k, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), and Health Savings Account (HSA).

Step four: Automate and create simple habits that serve you and your goals.

Part of your weekly reflection can be “what can I automate?”. I’m a big fan of automation and outsourcing. The great thing about automation is it frees up space in your mind, keeps you consistent, and reduces late fees. If you’re using automatic bill pay, to reduce the chance of an overdraft fee, keep a buffer in your checking account.

Top Three Sleepy Wealth Building Automations:

  1. Dollar Cost Average with your investments
  2. Savings
  3. Bill paying

In conclusion, there are lots of us out here with low energy living beautiful fulfilling lives and able to increase our wealth consistently, there’s no reason you can’t either.


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