(1) Upgrading my phone each year or even every other year or even every three years

Bad bitches aren’t insecure about having last season tech gadgets that still work great.

(2) TVs

My last three TVs have come from men who have too many TVs and wanted to upgrade theirs. I used to not even have a TV. I’d occasionally watch something on my laptop, but I didn’t care to have an actual TV. There’s probably a techy around you constantly upgrading their gadgets who wouldn’t care to give you their still good but last season tv for a good price or for free.

(3) Alcohol

I don’t drink and its hands down the best decision I made in my life for many reasons, but one reason is it saves me a lot of money. Even reasonably priced alcohol adds up. A $20 bottle of wine a week is $80 a month that I could be spending on a massage or building my investment accounts.

(4) Wine glasses

I know I just said I don’t drink alcohol, but I do drink alcohol free beverages that I like to put in fancy glasses. And I do spend money on libation receptacles, but barely any money. Goodwill is always stocked with endless wine glasses of varying shapes and qualities.

(5) Expensive skincare

Quarantine was dedicated to me binging every single skincare YouTube video out there. After a year and a half of trying many different products, I realized nothing competes with a prescription retinoid and a basic moisturizer. If I’m going to splurge on skin maintenance, I know microneedling is super effective.

(6) Audiobooks

My library, and I think most libraries, offer audiobooks to download. I love libraries. It’s one of the only places you can have some relief from the constant sale that capitalism creates. I tried a popular audiobook app, but they made it impossible to read anything good with their basic membership because they wanted you to upgrade. I do occasionally buy audiobooks that the library doesn’t offer and I’m eager to read, but it’s rare that they wouldn’t offer a book I must read.

(7) Razors

This is a frugal hack I learned a long time ago. If you dry your razor after you use it, it will last like forever. I used to throw my razors away after five or so uses, but then I learned about this tip and now can use one razor for many months or even years before it starts getting dull.

(8) Credit Card Interest and Annual Fees

I don’t use credit cards, so I don’t have to pay for their fees or interest. Not passing judgement, but might your energy be better used working towards a promotion or building a business than trying to outsmart a billion-dollar industry at their own game for a couple hundred dollars a year?

(9) Fabric Softener and dryer sheets

I don’t even know what that stuff is for. I’ve never used them. Just fragrance and dye free laundry detergent and my clothes seem fine.

(10) Popular Beauty Enhancements

It’s taken me a long time to figure this out, but I don’t have to get every beauty enhancement offered haha. Literally, they make me look worse. I’m more strategic with my enhancements now. I know lash extensions surprisingly take away from my beauty, but a subtle lash lift looks great. If I even touch my eyebrows my whole face balance is thrown off. Figuring this out saves me money. Take a look at your beauty routine, is it enhancing your beauty or is it just what’s popular to do these days?


4 responses to “10 Things I Don’t Spend Money On”

  1. Julia Avatar

    Love this! Keep ’em coming!

  2. 10 Things I Spend Money On Avatar

    […] My hair. I mentioned in my 10 Things I Don’t Spend On article that I don’t follow every beauty trend because some actually detract from my […]

  3. 56nines Avatar

    great tips! I gotta know the brand of razor that you use, lol because mine’s never last that long

    1. Anna Avatar

      Thanks! I get the walmart brand Venus razors. Do you take it out of the shower and dry it off between uses? Removing the water is key!

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