12 Frugal Ideas to Make Your Everyday More Lovely and Luxurious

We don’t have to wait until we’re filthy rich to enjoy our life. We can find luxury and loveliness in every day. Here are twelve ideas that won’t cost much to bring some loveliness and luxury into your every day.

1. Reduce clutter. I’m a stan of Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy method, which is to only keep items in your space that spark joy. If your joy meter is a little wanky like mine was, first start focusing on the top three items that bring you joy. Hold that feeling and then start the discarding process.

2. Curate social media. Or quit social media completely. Experiment with dramatic edits to your feed. Every image you see is leaving a little impression on your mind. Ensuring you’re only following accounts that post about things that align with your goals and values will help you progress and leave you feeling positive.

3. Add whipped cream to your coffee. Get yourself a cute teacup or coffee mug from Goodwill, buy some cheap coffee, and add some whipped cream and you got yourself a magical café experience.

4. Open your blinds and windows in the morning. Crisp dewy air and solar rays bring an energizing and cleansing feeling to spaces.

5. Pleasure combine. For any tasks you don’t enjoy, try to combine it with something you do enjoy. Watch your favorite shows while you fold laundry. Put your headphones on and blast 2000s hip hop as you do the dishes.

6. Fresh flowers or plants. Fresh flowers add a pop of color that gives a little thrill every time you see it.

7. Candles, essential oils, room sprays. Engage your sense of smell in a delightful experience throughout the day.

8. Make your bed every day and change the linens routinely. Even if your house is a mess, clear off your bed, strip your sheets and comforter, put on fresh linens, and make your bed. The rest of your day can be chaos, but you’ll look forward to when you can relax and recharge in your clean and inviting bed.

9. Declutter your workspace and add some joy elements. We spend so much time at work. Try to find ways to bring a little bit of lovely in the work environment, just like you do in your home.

10. Put your favorite art in your line of sight. It’s great to have beautiful art up but see if you can make it even more great by reflecting on where you look for most of your day. For example, in the morning, I read and write for an hour in my bed, so I moved my favorite piece of art from the head of my bed to the wall across from the foot of my bed where I stare at when I’m in thought.

11. Make hydration luxurious by infusing your water with fresh fruits or herbs. Add lemon, cucumber, herbs, ginger, or whatever fresh produce sounds refreshing to your regular water. Your everyday will feel a little like being at the spa.

12. Have a piece of fresh fruit or vegetables at every meal. Signal to your body that you love it by adding some fresh produce to each meal.

What else can you do to make your everyday more lovely?


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  1. Diane Pitzler Avatar
    Diane Pitzler

    That was a lovely read!

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